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4 to 5 Years Old

  • Play-based curriculum lesson plans

  • Low student-teacher ratios

  • Daily reports used to communicate with parents
  • Phone and tablet in the classroom for parent-teacher communication

This classroom is truly designed to do just what the name suggests: prepare your child for kindergarten. Children are expected to know more than ever these days. We provide a school-like setting, enhanced with a balance of activities geared to encourage and promote children to be the best they can be.

Your child will be given the time and attention required to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of continued learning. Our teachers use their experience and training to ensure that each child’s day is balanced with creative activities that help to develop thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Pre-K students are assessed with an ongoing customized program and enjoy the benefits of oversight by our Pre-K specialists. Students cruise way past typical kindergarten entrance requirements, mastering language and math concepts well into elementary school levels. You will be amazed by what can be accomplished during this special year.

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